General Information

Why are we doing what we are doing ?

Description of CMS and what it is doing (at PhD level) pdf

Read and find out why and what we are doing in this concise but illuminating account by Ian Tomalin (RAL) which describes the physics and associated activities in a manner accessible for all. ppt pdf

CMS Outreach

CMS Outreach describes the main features of the CMS experiment at the LHC and has many useful pieces of associated information. The detectors that make up CMS are described. There are many plots of interesting  physics processes which CMS hopes to study at the LHC. There is a photo library and access to a web cam at the CMS site which is updated every 10 minutes during the working day.

The ECAL Endcaps (EE)

Details of the ECAL Endcaps can be found in the ECAL TDR and in the EE EDR of Nov, 2000. The EE is an electromagnetic calorimeter with 14624 lead tungstate crystals read out with one inch diameter vacuum phototriodes. The EE is located at either end of the CMS barrel ECAL (EB). Each of these endcaps is split into two 'Dees' each comprising 3622 crystals. Each Dee subtends angles from 5.7 degrees ( eta = 3 ) to 25.7 degrees ( eta = 1.48) with respect to the beam pipe, and is located at 3170 mm from the collision intersection point of the LHC at CMS.  


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