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Participation in Telephone Conferences at RAL

You can participate in these meeting as follows:

  • Telephone +44 1235 44 54 20 (or 01235 44 54 20 from the UK)
  • It is possible that for a few seconds the number may appear engaged if the previous caller is currently being patched into the conference, and you may therefore be connected by default to the RAL Voicemail system. If so, you should disconnect and re-dial after ~10 seconds, when the line should have become free.
  • In case of problems, telephone RAL Group Secretary, Jane Bruffell: +44 1235 44 53 42.
  • For people at RAL, the telephone conferences are, by enlarge, held in the Trigger Lab - Lab 12, R1
  • Remember that UK time (GMT) is 1 hour earlier than CERN, German or Swedish Time (CET).




This page was last updated on 16 December, 2013
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