Temporary page for PPD Logo files

Basic guidelines:
All the same rules apply to the PPD logo as to the CCLRC logo.
These can be found in the CCLRC guide to house style and presentation at on the Communications site :

In addition:
- When used externally, the PPD logo must ALWAYS be used in conjunction with the CCLRC logo.
- The PPD logo may not be bigger than the CCLRC logo
- If they are side-by-side, the CCLRC logo should be on the left
- If they are under-and-over, the CCLRC logo should be above
- No animated versions please!

Download Logos and Templates

CCLRC logos and templates can be downloaded from the CLEO website:

PPD files - Right-click to download:

EPS version - Pantone colours, embedded fonts

EPS version - Pantone colours, type converted to outlines

300dpi jpeg

72dpi jpeg