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UK HEP System Managers Meeting

Thursday 10th November 2011


A list of those who signed up can be seen here.

The agenda, with links to some of the presentations can be seen on Indico here.

The meeting was held in GO Jones (physics) Room 410 (on the fourth floor). Details of how to get to QMUL can be found here. The meeting was also available on EVO.


Lunch will be provided.


Travel tips for getting to the meeting:

Tube to Stepney Green or Mile end. Turn left (from both stations) and walk about 500m. The Queen's building is an imposing old building with columns - set back from the road with a clock tower and small lawn in front of it. Physics (GO Jones) building is a 1960s building on the right. 410 is on the 4th floor.

     Note that Lancaster gate (on the central line) is a short walk from Paddington. It's marginally quicker than the Hammersmith and city line - but only if you don't get lost.


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