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Proposal for UK HEP institute computing representation via system managers

List of participants

Agenda for UK HEP System Managers Meeting
19th/20th May 1998
Watson-Watt Conference Room 12, Building R68
Rutherford Appleton Laboratory


Tuesday 19th May

10:30 Registration and coffee

11:00 Welcome and Introduction (Dave Kelsey)

11:05 Video Conferencing - Session 1

Introduction: Videoconferencing for Particle Physics (John Hart)

Experience with packet videoconferencing (Alan Flavell)

(n.b. see also Alan's latest notes on packet based VC)

A scenic tour of current technologies (Geoff Fayers) (all except slide 28!)

(slide 28 - requires Microsoft PowerPoint Animation Player)


12:30 Lunch and Demonstration of Video Conferencing


14:00 Report from PPNCG (Peter Clarke)

14:30 Video Conferencing - Session 2

Market Trends and Directions for VC (Keith Gyford, First Connections)




15:30 Coffee/Tea and Demonstration of Video Conferencing


16:00 Site reports (two slides/5 mins, per UK HEP institute) - Part 1

Brunel (Peter Hobson)

RHBNC (Simon George)

Birmingham (Lawrie Lowe)

Cambridge (John Hill)

Oxford (Ian McArthur)

Manchester (Andy McNab)

RAL PPD (Dave Kelsey)

Edinburgh (Stephen Gowdy)

Glasgow (David Martin)

17:00 First look at future of UK HEP SYSMAN meetings (Bob Cranfield)

Introduction and Proposals (Bob Cranfield)

17:30 End of first day


19:30 Sherry at Coseners House, Abingdon, followed by

20:00 Dinner


Wednesday, 20th May

09:00 Site reports (continued from Day 1)

Lancaster (Rob Henderson)

QMW (Murrough Landon)

IC (Geoff Fayers)

Sheffield (Lee Thompson)

UCL (Bob Cranfield)


09:30 CNAP report and discussion on future of UK HEP SYSMAN meetings
(Robin Devenish, Oxford)

Proposal for UK HEP institute computing representation via system managers

10:00 Report from HEPiX meeting (Andrew Sansum)

10:30 Report from HEPNT/CNAPNT groups (Dave Kelsey)


11:00 Coffee


11:30 Windows NT - System Cloning (Gareth Smith)

(Note added by Bob Cranfield - Books on Windows NT)

12:00 Linux - an update (Paul Dixon)


12:30 Lunch


14:00 Update on RAL HEP Central facilities (John Gordon) (n.b. slide 10 is garbled! Here is a better Slide 10)

14:30 Computer Security

Recent problems in Glasgow (Alan Flavell)

Reports from Other sites (Dave Kelsey)

General discussion

15:30 Conclusions (and Tea/Coffee)

16:00 End of meeting


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