UK HEP System Managers Meeting

28th/29th April 2003


All Sessions in Conference Room 12, Building R68, RAL

Agenda and links to presentations.

Monday 28th April
Brief report from CNAP & discussion  Pete Gronbech
AFS for HEP Use Sabah Salih
EDG and GridPP testbed software status report Steve Traylen
Report from CHEP also Summary Slides Dave Kelsey
Site Reports
Oxford Pete Gronbech
Cambridge Steve Wotton
RAL PPD Gareth Smith
RAL Tier 1a Martin Bly
UCL Bob Cranfield
QMUL Dave Kant
Brunel Peter Hobson
Glasgow David Martin
Lancaster Rob Henderson
Manchester Sabah Salih
Imperial College Ray Beuselinck
Tuesday 29th April
Networking and Grids Pete Clarke
Video Conferencing Update Alan Flavell
Grid Monitoring using nagios and RRD Ian Stokes-Rees
Security changes at RAL Gareth Smith (contact for copy of slides)
Security Incident report from Oxford and discussions Pete Gronbech

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