UK HEP System Managers Meeting

21st/22nd March 2000


All Sessions in Conference Room 12/13, Building R68.


TUESDAY 21-Mar-2000
10:30 Coffee and Registration
11:00 Session 1
Welcome & intro (Bob Cranfield, UCL) 0.2
CHEP report (John Gordon, RAL) (Linked .ppt files, unzip into the same directory and then open HEPSYSMAN JCG.ppt) 0.5
Windows 2000  1.0
      Ian Blyth, Microsoft (.ppt file) (html)
   Julius Clayton, Bristol (.ppt file) (html)
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Session 2
CNAP status (Steve Lloyd, QMW) (.ppt file) (html) 0.3
Computational Grids (Paul Jeffreys, RAL) (.ppt file) (html) 1.0
15:15 Tea
15:45 Session 3
  2.0 Site reports I
   Bristol (.ppt) (html)
   Brunel (.ppt) (html)
      Cambridge (html)
   CLRC ITD (.ppt) (html)
   Edinburgh (.ps.gz)
   Glasgow (.ppt) (html)
   Imperial (.ppt) (html)
   Liverpool (.pdf)
   Manchester (html)
   Oxford (.ppt) (html)
   RAL PPD (html) Installation, Concerns, Plans
   UCL (html)
17:45 Close
WEDNESDAY 22-Mar-2000
09:00 Session 4
Site reports II (finish) 1.0
Laptop configuration (Chris Brew, RAL) (.ppt file) (html) 0.2
Mobile computing & WAP (John Gordon, RAL) (.ppt file) (html) 0.3
10:30 Coffee
11:00 Session 5
Linux 2000 (Lionel Cons, CERN) (html) 0.5
Linux installation (Paul Dixon, QMW) (html) 0.5
Windows Terminal Server (Chris Brew, RAL) (.ppt file) (html) 0.8
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Session 6
Disk arrays (Andrew Sansum, RAL) (.ppt file) (html) 0.5
RAID / NFS (Alan Flavell, Glasgow) (.ppt file) (html) 0.5
15:15 Tea
15.45 Wrap-up (Bob Cranfield, UCL) 0.3
16:00 FINISH

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