UK HEP System Managers Meeting Number 5, 27th November 2000. UCL.

Draft Minutes
(last modified 30-March-2001)
Chris Brew


Chair - R. Cranfield(UCL)/R. Henderson(Lancaster). Secretary - C. Brew(RAL).

P. Dixon(QMW), G.Fayers(IC), A. Martin (QMW), L. Lowe(Birmingham), D Kelsey(RAL),B. Saunders(RAL), L. Coles(RAL), J Gordon(RAL), A Sansum(RAL), J.Gordon(RAL), A Flavell(Glasgow), D. Sankey(RAL), D Martin(Glasgow), R Henderson(Lancaster), P Gronbech(Oxford), L. Thompson(Sheffield),, W. Newton(RHUL).


Manchester, Cambridge, RHBNC.

Organisational Matters.

RC opened the meeting and welcomed everyone. He then introduced Rob Henderson (Lancaster) as the new chairman of the group and Pete Gronbech (Oxford) as the new deputy chairman replacing Lee Thompson (Sheffield)

Discussion of Issues

Most of the morning was taken up with an open forum discussing current projects and problems.

Among  the issues most often raised were: 


RC gave a report of the CNAP meeting help on 13/10/2000. A copy of the PowerPoint file is available here.

JCG gave a report on the current status of the UK GRID project. A zip file containing the various PowerPoint files can be found here (start with JCG Nove2000.ppt).

PG gave a report from the 2nd Annual Linux Storage Management Workshop, Miami, Florida, USA 2000. His report can be found here.


Next Meeting.

Two day meeting at RAL, 2nd an 3rd April 2001.