Sheffield summary for HEPSYSMAN meeting

Current Status

Currently the Particle Physics group consists of 5 Academics, 10 Researchers (Fellows, RAs, Phys. Prog), 7 Ph.D students, which are supported by

In addition we make significant use of the computer centres at CERN (shift, atlas wgs), RAL (CSF, CSF Linux) and Lyon (HP-UX farm).

Immediate/near term plans

There is a natural move towards Linux on our PCs. We hope to purchase a server-class PC with RAID to act as a Linux fileserver and to expand the number of Linux systems. (This over a 1 to 2 year timescale). We plan either to migrate the Digital UNIX machines to Red Hat (Alpha) or to run them as x-terms. There has been some interest in the Mac versions of Linux (mklinux, LinuxPPC) but here there is concern about lack of support for CERNLIB, etc.


The usual items spring to mind here, including,