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About the Forum

The subject will be Heavy Flavour Physics, and in particular future directions for B physics. Intended to appeal to theorist and experimenters with a range of knowledge of the subject this should be a good occasion both for newcomers (or returnees) to familiarise themselves with the area and for experts to hold inter-experiment discussions.

The talks and discussion are expected to be at the level of HEP researchers, but not necessarily working in the area. ( e.g. HEP postdocs). The talks are by invited speakers, with plenty of time scheduled for discussion.


Accomodation and meals at the forum are provided by the organisers. Furthermore, the cost of travel expenses can be reclaimed using the claim forms from:

Please use and send to:
Dr. W. Murray
OX11 0QX

Any queries contact P. Ball, Bill Murray Steve Playfer, or Jane Bruffell