SCT End-cap Disc Services FDR/PRR

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Monday 29th (RAL) and Tuesday 30th (Cosener's House) September

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Prototyping and Design Testing

Assembly and Testing Procedures

Interface Documents

Reference and Back-up Documents

These will not be sent explictly to the Reviewers.

Photos of Prototyping work

In particular, see photo's of Services on the Prototype Disc.

Pictures from CAD Model of Disc

These are illustrative and are not the latest versions.
Ian to update.


Old drawings on CDD can be found from the End-cap Engineering FDR Web page

The drawings are stored as HPGL, and hence require an HPGL viewer to visualise.

Latest drawings are on the

RAL ftp site

These will be moved to CDD as soon as possible.

Drawings with dates are released and hence complete; those without dates are still "work in progress".


Cooling Circuits

DCS Components

Fibre Harnesses


Grounding and Shielding Foils

Patch Panels

Power Tapes

Drawings needed for other Tapes. y


On different ftp site
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