SCT End-cap Disk & Support Structure FDR

Review on Thursday 1 Nov 2001

  1. Introduction (B.Szeless)
  2. Project Overview (D.Greenfield)
  3. Requirements for the End-cap Mechanics (N.Hessey)
  4. Overview of the Baseline End-cap Mechanics (D.Greenfield)
  5. Interfaces (D.Greenfield)
  6. Disc services - cooling (S.Temple)
  7. Disc services - LM power tapes, optical fibres (S.Temple)
  8. Disc design and prototyping (P.Werneke)
  9. Support cylinder and wings - design and prototyping (J.Tarrant and C.Nelson)
  10. Cylinder services and patch panels (J.Tarrant)
  11. Thermal enclosures - cylinders (J.Tarrant)
  12. Grounding and Shielding (T.Jones)
  13. Material Budget (T.Jones)
  14. Assembly (D.Greenfield)

Plans + Instructions

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*** denotes "awaiting editorial changes, such as EDMS number and tidying of front page"
** denotes "needs to put into EDMS"
* denotes "needs to be blessed by Debbie"

Internal Review

DC = Derek Cragg, AC = Andrea Cantinaccio, DG = Debbie Greenfield, NH = Nigel Hessey, SH = Stephen Haywood, TJ = Tim Jones, CN = Chris Nelson, MO = Marco Olcese, EP = Eric Perrin, CS = Corijn Snippe, SS = Steve Snow, JT = Jason Tarrant, ST = Steve Temple
Bold initials imply review has reviwed doc, although no guarentee that doc is updated.



Prototyping and Tests

Assembly Procedures

Assembly Procedures should follow from text (headings) in End-cap Wheel Assembly Procedure (EDMS)

Interface Documents

Backup Documents

Referred Documents

Missing Documents


Internal Reviewer: Tim Jones
The drawings are stored as HPGL, and hence require an HPGL viewer to visualise.

Top Level

Cheap-O Prototype

Good-O Prototype

Final Disc


Disc Services

New contact: Ian Wilmut

Cooling Structures

Disc Services Assembly

New contact: Ian Wilmut

Support Structure

Thermal Enclosure

Patch Panels + Services Routing

FSI Jewels

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