SCT End-cap Thermal Enclosures PRR

Review on Monday 31 January 2005 - at RAL

Agenda and Talks

RAL Team:

Recent Additions

PRR Documents

Relevant Barrel TE PRR Documents

Useful Endcap TE FDR Documents

Thermal Enclosure Design

Reference Documents

PRR Drawings

The drawings are stored as HPGL, and hence require an HPGL viewer to visualise. For the time being, they can be found on the RAL ftp site. They will be moved to CDD as soon as possible.

Production Drawings

These drawings are being independently checked in the week 24-28 Jan 05.
They will be placed on CDD when they are completed.

Drawings are basically ready. Plans as of (24 Jan):

Old Drawings

These drawings are for the FDR and are not suitable for Manufacturing.

Support Structure Production Drawings

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Stephen Haywood