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  • A Flavour-Symmetric Perspective on Neutrino Mixing.
    P. F. Harrison and W. G. Scott, Proceedings XIII Neutrino Telecopes, Venice, Italy (2009) 143, arXiv 0906.2732. [hep=ph]
  • Is the Unitarity Triangle Right?.
    P. F. Harrison, D. R. J. Roythorne and W. G. Scott, Proceedings of Panic09, Elat, Isarel (2009) arXiv 0904.3014. [hep=ph]
  • Dark and Grey Electromagnetic Electron-Cyclotron Envelope Solitons in an Electron-Positron Magnetoplasma.
    P. K. Shukla, R. Bingham, A. D. R. Phelps and L. Stenflo. J. of Plasma Physics 75 (2009) 575.


  • Nonlinear random gravity 1: Stochastic gravitational waves and spontaneous conformal fluctuations due to the quantum vacuum.
    C. H. T. Wang, P. M. Bonifaccio, R. Bingham and J. T. Mendonca. arXiv 0806.3042, submitted to Phys. Rev. D .
  • Radio frequency resonator structure and diagnostic measurements for a laboratory simulation of Auroral Kilometric Radiation.
    K. Ronald et al. Physics of Plasmas, 15 (2008) .
  • Radiation by energetic electrons accelerated by wave-particle interaction: a plausible mechanism for x-ray emission from the Venus mantle.
    R. Bingham et al. Ann. Geophys., 26 (2008) 1829.



  • Analysis of Four-Wave Mixing of High-Power Lasers for the Detection of Elastic Photon-Photon Scattering .
    J. Lundin, M. Marklund, G. Brodin, J. Collier, R. Bingham, J. T. Mendonša, and P. Norreys, Phys. Rev. A 74 (2006) 043821. hep-ph/0606136


  • Pair Production by a Strong Wakefield Excited by Intense Neutrino Bursts in Plasmas.
    L. A. Rios, A. Serbeto, J. T. Mendonca, P. K. Shukla and R. Bingham, Phys. Lett. B 606 (2005) 79.


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