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Working on CMS at point 5, CERN KW Bell
Working in the Crystal Palace, Bat 168, at CERN KW Bell
H4 test beam at CERN txt

D Cockerill 

Shipping lead tungstate xtals txt

D Cockerill 

Supercrystal Regional Centre operation under review B Smith
General Lab 7 area rtf M Sproston
Lab 7 workshop 22.5.03 doc AL Lintern
Chemical lab/storage Lab 7 doc PS Flower
VPT test rig R5.2 24.7.03 pdf BW Kennedy
Tracker readout doc I Tomalin 


Interactions with ED/ID. Agreed tasks by PPD members
Updated 24.7.03, D Cockerill.

Paul Flower

            - thermal compound tests (but see note below about Russak), completed.
            - commence work testing and characterising the thermistors 
            - agree with BJS/ABL a thermister fixing technique inside the SC
         - carrying out for SC production in '03.

Laurie Lintern
            - VPT gluing in the RC
            - wiring up the four umbilicals for SC03-06 including recovery from SC01/02 and HV tests 3
            - all electronic work in assembly and test of SC03-06
            - light pulse source and sort out diffuser/light injection
            - update LV and HV cable list, 
         - provisional selection of RG179 for umbilical and CERN stores HV cable
            - ongoing radiation testing
            - selection of HV connectors.

Martin Sproston
            - TIS statement of materials for the SC

Joolz Williams  
            - Interfaces for the SC assembly lab.

Bruce Kennedy
         - CLARA database for the SC assembly lab.

Ken Bell
            - Optolinks as applied to EE
            - EE/IP5 (installation) issues
            - Dee assembly issues.

Bob Brown
         - first point of contact for HV questions.

Bruce Kennedy
         - first point of contact for VPT issues.

         - DJAC choice of thermistor cable.
         - RJSG dig out detailed costings for HV cards
         - RJSG explore possibilities: HV card procurement in ID.
         - DJAC radiation testing of HV components (Lintern. Sproston)
         - DJAC need to get the OES foam through TIS
            - DJAC formalise moderator ruling (OK to use moderator provided it is
 coated with intumescent paint?).

Sick forms

Self certified sick leave  doc
Notification of absence due to sickness  doc

Reports by visiting students

Alex Turner, CMS and ECAL in-situ calibration zip