Some Common NCD X-terminal Problems

No Session Control box (so can't request a terminal)
Use Alt/SETUP (hold down the Alt key (also marked setup) and press SETUP (on the top row)). This should restore the NCD menu bar.
No window borders (so can't move etc windows)
Use the NCD menu bar to turn on the NCD window manager.
A DECWindows login box in the middle of the screen obscures other windows
you will have to end the session (Login -> Logoff... from NCD menu bar). You may want to logout all your other sessions before doing this.
X-windows programs say "Not authorised to connect to server"
you will have to allow the client to connect from the Access Control Setup menu. You can either turn off enable access control (and also default access control which will take effect next time the X-terminal is logged off) to allow access from anywhere (including hackers in California wanting to read your password as you type it) or add the machine name to the list of authorised clients.
Need to setup X-terminal from scratch (eg. to use new (Feb 1996) boot server)
  1. Reboot (switch off and on, or use Console -> Reboot...).
  2. Then press
    <ESC>   (to cancel boot)
  3. Clear NVRAM
    l       (load factory defaults)
    s       (save)
    y       (yes; use this if you are asked to confirm the save)
    q       (quit)
    rs      (reset)
  4. Press
    <ESC>   (to cancel boot)
  5. Specify new boot server
    bt Xncd15b
       ^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
          |         |               |
          |         |               +- boot server
          |         |                  (xtsoft1=;
          |         |                   xtsoft2=;
          |         |                   sunecp05=
          |         |
          |         +---------- Your X-terminal IP address
          |                     (xtecp56=,
          |                      xnde70=; use
          |                      MULTINET NSLOOKUP XTECP56
          |                      on VXCERN to check this)
          +------------ xtecp56=Xncd15b and xnde70=Xncdxpl
Can't fit everything on the screen (want smaller fonts)
use the Fonts setup parameters menu to replace the two 100dpi fonts with 75dpi fonts, and remove the built-in font from the start of the list. Then select Apply and Restart (this last will log you out).

Tim Adye, 2nd July 1996