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  • Tim Adye
  • Matt Bishop
  • John Bray
  • Malcolm Cohen
  • Adrian Cox
  • Paul Cray
  • Melanie Dymond Harper
  • John Grandidge
  • Graham Harper
  • Penny Heal
  • Mo Holkar
  • Paul Marrow
  • Jane McCarthy
  • Tanaqui Weaver
  • Simon McLeish
  • Phil Raines
  • Robert Sadler
  • Ivan Towlson
  • Neal Tringham
  • The editors would like to thank
  • Sian Facer
  • Colin Johnson
  • Jen McGowan
  • Kenneth McLeish
  • Kathy Rooney
  • who repaired things (eg. sentences) for us. We also acknowledge debts to Peter Nicholls' Encyclopedia of Science Fiction and Curtis Smith's Twentieth Century Science Fiction Writers, our main resource for names and dates when primary sources were not available.

    The Guide was compiled by John Bray (menu collation), Mo Holkar (general editing), Ivan Towlson (general editing, technical co-ordination, liason) and Neal Tringham (general editing, revision and replacement of entries, assistance with menus).

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    M.H. Zool
    Oxford, 1989
    These pages for the six lady sheep, based on the book, were compiled by Tim Adye in May 1994.