FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Nobody asks any questions, and if they do, they certainly don't try again.

Hence we don't have a FAQ.

However one NAQ (Never Asked Qestion, what do you think?), that I want to disuade people from asking by answering preemptively is

How do I access the OUSFG Newsgroup?
Well, it's like this, little girl / boy / carbon-based lifeform / silicon-based lifeform / energy being / intelligent entity made of tetrion particles (aren't they all?) that just wants to be loved / godlike being played by John de Lancie / large cloud from which Councellor Troy empathises something undistinguished and totally unhelpful (or whatever)...

The OUSFG newsgroup, ox.clubs.ousfg , can be accessed directly with many Web browsers (eg. Netscape), but you may prefer to use a dedicated newsreader. It can also be read from the ox.clubs.ousfg web mirror, which is accessible from machines outside the University (unlike the newsgroup itself). Unfortunately the mirror doesn't allow posting.

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