Phillip C. Jennings (1946 - )

US writer whose two books, Tower in the Sky (1988) and The Bug Life Chronicles (coll. 1989) are set in a common future. The Solar System is colonised by `bugs': human and `fictoid' personalities transfered to machines. Freed from hormonal dependences, the bugs evolve new psychologies and societies, often coming into conflict with the remaining `wetbrain' humans around Earth. Others return to new bodies to encounter an increasingly diverse human society. Despite his overuse of current computer jargon, somewhat out of place in a future setting, and rather inelegant style, his colourful ideas are coherent and his stories competently plotted. There is also much fun to be had with fictoid personalities borrowed from other SF.
Other works
His first short story was "Tagcaster's Doom" (F&SF 1986).
Future Societies, Computers, Space Travel.

Tim Adye