SF Pages on the Web

After you have exhausted the delights of the OUSFG and Sfinx web pages, you might be interested in one of these other SF resources. I'm afraid this is rather a random list, and is certainly not intended to be complete. The SF Resource Guide is probably a good place to start if you prefer a proper listing to my random bibblings.
  • UK Science Fiction Fandom Archives
  • The Linköping Science Fiction & Fantasy Archive
  • Science Fiction Resource Guide (or its Swedish mirror)
  • The Speculative Fiction Clearing House
  • The Lurker's Guide to Babylon 5
  • The Prisoner
  • Sci-Fi Channel: The Dominion
  • Directory of UK Student SF Societies
  • Voyager science fiction & fantasy (Harper Collins UK)
  • Alien Planet Designer[new]
  • The Journals of Chaos V[new]
  • Some other Oxford University student societies

  • Oxford University Douglas Adams Society
  • Taruithorn, The Oxford Tolkien Society
  • Oxford University Role Playing Games Society
  • Oxford Arthurian Society
  • Oxford University Star Trek(TM) Society
  • OU Who - The Oxford University Society for Cult Television
  • The Oxford Babylon 5 Society[new]
  • Some Other Classic Pages

    Classic as in Classic Trek - original and much-loved, but not necessarily with the latest transporter chime (though many have in fact had frequest refits, and continue to hold their own).
  • The WWW Virtual Library, originally from CERN.
  • US Supreme Court decisions
  • COMMA Fun and Games (Cardiff), which no longer seems to have anything to do with the Internet Movie Database
  • BBC and Channel 4
  • The Electronic Telegraph
  • Tim Adye