OUSFG Committee (1997-8)

Duncan Martin
Christ Church
email: <duncan.martin@christ-church.oxford.ac.uk>
Eleanor Joslin
St John's College
email: <eleanor.joslin@sjc.ox.ac.uk>
Ian Snell
Oriel College
email: <orie0194@sable.ox.ac.uk>
Eleanor Joslin
St John's College
email: <eleanor.joslin@sjc.ox.ac.uk>
Newsletter Editor and Video Ubermensch
Tanaqui "likes to watch" Weaver
email: <cen@ecs.ox.ac.uk>
Sfinx and Oracle Editor
Rhiannon Barber
Corpus Christi College
email: <sarah-rhiannon.barber@corpus-christi.oxford.ac.uk>
Invisible OUSFG
Alex Williams
The Dead Hand
Peter Sidwell
Genital Piercing Officer
Beard of OUSFG
After Tanaqui's utter failure in this post, we can only hope that Vicky will do better.

Tim Adye
I am not on the committee (at least that's what I keep telling them whenever they try inviting me to a committe meeting), but can be contacted if you have any comments, suggestions, or questions about these web pages; or if you are unable to contact any of the committee directly.