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In order to help protect everyone on this list from spam, the OUSFG E-mail List is now hidden behind this gateway. If you are an intelligent, thinking being, then you should have no trouble with this form (just select "I am NOT a spambot" below). If you are a stupid spambot (as far as I know, they are all stupid - and not just because they are written by stupid people), then bug off.

You can also select how you want the list displayed: either as a table (requires an HTML 3.2-compliant browser) or as preformatted text. If you enter a comma-separated list of names (or part-names, eg. tim,adrian) in the box then only e-mail addresses for those people will be displayed.

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If you are not able to use this form (eg. very old non-forms-capable browser) please contact me at the e-mail address below. Spambots need not apply.

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