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  1.       <html>
  2.       <head>
  3.              <title>Document Title</title>
  4.       </head>

  5. [Go To Analysis] <body BGCOLOR="#000000" TEXT="#80c0c0" LINK="#ff8080" VLINK="#ff0000" ALINK="#a05050">
  6. [Go To Analysis] <div ALIGN="center">
  7. [Go To Analysis] <table BGCOLOR="#000080" BORDER=3 BORDERCOLOR="#0000ff"><tr>
  8. [Go To Analysis]         <td><h1><font FACE="courier" SIZE=6><font SIZE=7>W</font>ELCOME TO MY HOME PAGE!</font></h1></td>
  9.        </tr></table>
  10.        </div>
  11.       <br><br>
  12. [Go To Analysis] <p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Hi there! If you are reading this then you have found my home page! Congratulations! I know it can be hard to find my pages, but I bet that you feel lucky now. Now that you are here, please take a look at my page of links to <a HREF="">cool sites</a> or sign my <a HREF="">guest book</a></p>
  13. [Go To Analysis] <div>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; <b><font SIZE=6 COLOR="#ffffff">M</font>y wonderful poetry</b> is available if you are REALLY bored. Why not give it a spin?</div>

  14. [Go To Analysis] <h2><font SIZE=7 COLOR="#00ff00"> The Best Poetry I <em><b>NEVER</b></em> Wrote</font></h2>
  15.       <ul>
  16. [Go To Analysis]     <li>'There Once Was A Man From Nantucket' - <font FACE="'comic sans ms', fantasy" COLOR="#ffff00">Anonymous</font></li>
  17. [Go To Analysis]     <li>'Cool In Fur' - <font FACE="'comic sans ms', fantasy" COLOR="#ffff00">Harry B. Foot</font></li>
  18.            <li>And My All Time Fave:
  19.            <ul>
  20. [Go To Analysis]          <li><font SIZE=6><i> 'A Toast To My Toaster' -
  21. [Go To Analysis]                 <font FACE="'comic sans ms', fantasy" COLOR="#ffff00">Me!</font></i></font></li>
  22.            </ul>
  23.       </li></ul>

  24. [Go To Analysis] <table BGCOLOR="#000080"><tr>
  25. [Go To Analysis]      <td WIDTH=50>&nbsp;</td>
  26. [Go To Analysis]      <td><font COLOR="#00ff00">Brought to you by the letter
  27. [Go To Analysis]         <font FACE="'comic sans ms', fantasy" COLOR="#ffff00">&quot;H&quot;</font> and <u>Joe Shmoe</u></font></td>
  28.        </tr></table>

  29. [Go To Analysis] <div><b>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<font SIZE=6 COLOR="#ffffff">W</font>hen you are done looking through these masterpieces, I encourage you to visit my proud sponsor!! </b></div>

  30. [Go To Analysis] <table BGCOLOR="#ffffff" BORDER=2 BORDERCOLOR="#0000ff"><tr>
  31. [Go To Analysis]      <td WIDTH=5>&nbsp;</td>
  32. [Go To Analysis]      <td><font SIZE=6>ADVERTISEMENT</font> Buy Navel Lint Contemplator! Its a browser and its a sandwich spread! Go to our <a HREF="">home page</a> without delay! Why? Because shelf life is only 8 hours unless refrigerated. We know that makes it hard to browse, but it promotes frequent upgrading to the latest and greatest version. </td>
  33.        </tr></table>

  34. [Go To Analysis] <h6><font SIZE=1 COLOR="#ff0000">All standard disclaimers apply. Your life depends on NOT copying this document in any way. This tape will <a HREF="">self destruct</a> in 10 seconds...</font></h6>

  35.       </body>
  36.       </html>

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