Embedded Style Sheets
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What is it?
This is a CSS style specification method is only used with HTML. An entire style sheet can be embedded in an HTML document using the STYLE [-->Index DOT Html] element contained within the HEAD block. The complete range of CSS syntax is allowed in this inclusion method - the style information is not explicitly tied directly to the document's elements, so Selector syntax is used to specify what styles attach to which portions of the document tree (the same as with External Style Sheets, but in this case the style sheet is contained within the document itself.)

Unlike external style sheets, this method can only specify style information for the current document. If equivalent style rules are specified in an external and embedded style sheet, the embedded style sheet rule will have higher precedence.
HTML Inclusion Method
In HTML, an Embedded Style Sheet is specified using the STYLE [-->Index DOT Html] element within the HEAD element block. For backward compatibility with browsers that do not understand style sheet syntax, the entire contents of the Style element may be embedded in an HTML comment (<!-- -->)
    <style TYPE="text/css">
    [CSS Style Sheet]
[See complex HTML example using Embedded Style Sheets]

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