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Platforms PC: Intel 16-bit(Win3.X), Intel 32-bit(Win95/98, WinNT)
Other: BeOS
In Development: Amiga, EPOC 32, Linux, Mac and OS/2
About the
What began as a project to develop a small and fast browser for computers with meager resources has turned into a popular alternative to the "big two" browser vendors with its own "cult following."

Two engineers at Telenor (the Norwegian phone company) developed the Opera browser in 1994 for the company's intranet. By the end of 1995 Opera Software was created after Telenor had allowed the pair to continue development of the browser on their own.

Opera was written from scratch - it is not based on the NCSA Mosaic code or interface methodology (as Internet Explorer or Netscape are.) This gives it some unique browsing features such as page zoom and a multi-document interface browsing environment. For its small footprint it boasts a fairly substantial feature set, such as frames, tables, JavaScript, CSS and Java.
Versions before 2.1 were not in wide release thus are not covered. Support information is for the latest major shipping release versions (2.12 and 3.21) and does not include betas.

Version Released Features

1.0-2.0 NA Not widely released

2.1B1-B3 Sep.-Nov. 1996 Adds Frames capability
2.1 Dec. 1996 Final release of 2.1
2.12 Feb. 1997 Minor release.

3.0B1-B11 Sep.-Dec. 1997 Adds Javascript, SSL and plug-in capability. Also includes UI and hot list changes.
3.0 Dec. 1997 Final release of 3.0
3.1-3.21 Feb.-Apr. 1998 Minor releases for 3.0

3.5B1-B10 Jul.-Oct. 1998 Adds file upload, and possibly the most complete CSS1 implementation in the popular browsers. Also allows for Java functionality through a plug-in.
3.5 Nov. 1998 Final release of 3.5
3.51 Dec. 1998 Update release.
3.6 Jun. 1999 Update release.

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