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  • Site Reflects CSS2 Views
    The site reflects the point of view of the CSS2 Recommendation. Differences between CSS1 and CSS2 are noted where they are known, but very few browsers support the many new syntax and property/value enhancements added in CSS2, so be sure to keep the support notations in mind while reading about features.
  • Site Design Using CSS1
    The site currently uses CSS for the majority of its rendering effects. What this means is that all non-CSS browsers will see rather boring looking pages, but the information and structure will all be intact. For CSS enabled browsers, the old color scheme is still in place for now, and can be easily changed for your own use if you decide to download it.
  • Platform Information
    The information for this site concentrates predominantly on browsers made for the Windows platform (win32 mostly.) There are often significant differences in support between the various platforms, so the support and version information here will not always be valid for respective browser versions on different platforms.
  • Page Validation
    As of August 1999, I have spell-checked the entire site and validated all of these pages against the HTML 4.0 "loose" DTD with the W3C HTML Validation Service. I will not do this very often, so as I add or update content along the way and massage some of these pages it is possible that this may fall out of date.
  • Slight Regression in HTML/CSS Support in IE4 Betas
    Most browsers have historically only added support and functionality as time progresses. But special cases have occurred. In the case of Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0, the rendering and parsing engine was re-built from scratch. This led to a few idiosyncrasies between the betas of IE4 and the IE3 releases. These cleared up by the final release, but I try to document these discrepancies where known. A new version of Netscape (5.0) is due to be released sometime in the future. It is known that the rendering engine for this version is also being re-built from scratch, so I fully expect similar discrepancies to appear.
  • Inspiration/Source for Many Documented CSS Bugs
    There are many resources on the Internet that also document CSS bugs in the various browsers. In researching browser bugs, I consulted many of these resources as well as creating my own test files. Here is a listing of resources consulted, along with a heartfelt thanks to the authors for their existence - browser makers seldom go out of their way to make bugs in their products public.

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