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Internet Explorer 5.0 Final: March 1999
Mosaic 3.0 Final: January 1997 [Last Release]
Netscape 4.5 Final: October 1998
Opera 3.51 Final: December 1998

I have tried to keep this list as up to date as possible, but errors can always occur. Companies release software VERY quickly and sometimes with little fanfare (and other times with an alarming amount of it. =) I usually try to keep up with the latest browser news by keeping an eye on Dave Garaffa's BrowserWatch - A great site with many frequent news items, tips and rumors. If I have missed any releases, please alert me to them if you see them before I do, or if you hear of new features being added to the mentioned browsers that have not been included in this site yet...

Heck, for that matter, if you can think of good reasons to survey other browsers, or can provide help in testing the browsers for their capabilities, I would welcome it! It seems that the only way to find out about some of these tags is to see for yourself if they work. =) I do not yet have an efficient method to check other browsers, but I am working on it. When this is in place I can start to expand the list of surveyed browsers.

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