Here are the transparencies for a few talks that have been put on the web.
Oct 96 and Apr 97
DELPHI Slow Controls Alpha Migration
26 May 98
J/psi Production at DELPHI (DELPHI Week presentation to the Rare B Decays and Fully Reconstructed B Final States meeting)
17 Sep 98
Current Status and Future Directions of BaBar Computing at RAL (BaBar UK Physics Analysis meeting, Imperial College)
6 Oct 98
BaBar Computing in the UK (CNAP Meeting)
5 Jan 99
Upgrades to RAL Computing (BaBar-UK Collaboration Meeting, Birmingham University)
6 Jan 99
Getting Your Account Setup; and Using CVS and the Software Release Tools and Beta and BtaCandidates. What is there? (BaBar-UK Software Training Day, Birmingham University)
18th March 1999
BaBar Computing at RAL and Computer User Forum (CUF) (CNAP meeting)
9th June 1999
Data import at RAL (BaBar UK Physics Analysis Meeting, Imperial College)
20th September 1999
Data Distribution Status (part of a talk presented by Bob Jacobsen in the computing overview at the BaBar Physics Week in Padova).
25th October 1999
Using an Object Oriented Database to Store BaBar's Terabytes (CLRC Workshop on Advanced Data Storage and Management Techniques, Rutherford Appleton Laboratory)
17th November 1999
Data Import at RAL (Notes on current status of BaBar data import at RAL)
I also organise the Computer User Forum (CUF), wherein many more interesting talks have been presented.
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