The information in this webpage is not specific to RAL, except for the machine names.

Machines you can use for transfer : Grid front ends (

Commands to be executed :

  1. "GridEnv" (to get the Grid environment setup) followed by
  2. "grid-proxy-init" to get a valid grid proxy. This proxy is typically valid for 12 hours to a day.
  3. "myproxy-init -d" to get a valid MyProxy proxy. This proxy is by default valid for 168 hours (7 days). Remember the password you give for this MyProxy proxy.

Note that the step 3 above is required in case you plan to use the gLite tools to perform the file transfers. This is I think the recommended way anyway.

The commands available to use for the actual transfer of data :

For interactive copying of data to the storage systems from your home area at RAL, you can refer to the other web page on this website regarding Data Storage at RAL

For more (or less) information contact Raja Nandakumar ( R _dot_ Nandakumar _at_ rl _dot_ ac _dot_ uk )