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UK Group
VPT testing home page
Photo galleries
 - Best Photos - a general selection of CMS/LHC photos suitable for publicity, Powerpoint etc
 - General/reference - large archive of photographs, principally for reference (WIP)

Publicity documents
 - Cheltenham Science Festival 2006 banner stand (pdf, 8.7MB)
 - Cheltenham Science Festival 2006 leaflet (pdf, 1.5MB)
 - Generic CCLRC banner stand (featuring the CMS Endcap) (pdf, 5.5MB)

VPT sorting database (Microsoft Access. N.B. This is a duplicate of the master file, so don't bother modifying it!)

PPD logo - temporary page with links to the new logo

OpenAFS how-to

CMS EE HV distribution

Equipment Manuals and Drivers

R5.2 Network Camera

Risk Assessments (link to CMSUK site)

CMS ECAL Endcaps Poster (A0 pdf, 41MB)

Powerpoint Hell (Powerpoint 2003 file, 5.3MB)
(guide to Powerpoint style - starts with a terrible presentation and demonstrates how to improve it)


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