UK HEP System Managers Meeting

30th June - 3rd July 2009

Rutherford Appleton Laboratory


Sessions were held in Conference Room 8, R27 (The Atlas Colloquium) at RAL

Tuesday 30th June
11:00 Welcome etc.    
  Site Reports    
11:15 RAL Tier1 Martin Bly Slides
11:30 RAL PPD Tier2 Rob Harper Slides
11:45 Southgrid Pete Gronbech Slides
12:00 Oxford Pete Gronbech Slides
12:15 LUNCH
13:15 Birmingham University Chris Curtis Slides
13:30 Glasgow University Andrew Pickford Slides
13:45 Manchester University James Cullen Slides
14:00 Bristol Winnie Lacesso Slides
14:15 Sheffield University

Matt Robinson/Elena Korolkova/Paul Hodgson

14:30 Liverpool University John Bland Slides
14:45 Edinburgh University Steve Thorn Slides
15:00 Lancaster University Peter Love Slides
15:15 TEA  
15:45 London University-Queen Mary Cozmin Timis Slides
16:15 London University-Royal Holloway Diego Bellini Slides
16:45 Warwick University Ben Morgan/ Tom Latham Slides
17:15 Trinity College Dublin Stuart Kenny Slides
17:45 Summary from HEPiX Pete Gronbech Slides
Wednesday 1st July
  Security Day
09:30 Welcome
09:45 SSC3 case study Chris Brew Slides
10:15 TCD security monitoring tool Stuart Kenny Slides
10:45 COFFEE    
11:00 OxCERT David Ford Slides
11:30 Update on Security Policy Dave Kelsey Slides
12:00 LUNCH    
13:00 Security on storage element Jens Jensen Slides
13:30 Update on Security activities in EGEE, GridPP and NGS Mingchao Ma Slides
14:00 JANET CSIRT James Davis Slides
14:30 TEA  
14:45 Discussion on revised security incident handling procedure, collaboration between our grid sites and JANET CSIRT/universalities CSIRT teams; Security monitoring; Mingchao Ma Slides
15:45 WRAP-UP AND TEA    
16:00 FINISH
Thursday 2nd July
  Storage Workshop
09:00 Introduction Jens Jensen Slides
09:50 Introduction Wahid Bhimji Slides
STEP review reports
09:10   Atlas report, STEP feedback and GridPP metrics Brian Davies Slides
09:40   CMS report, STEP feedback and GridPP metrics Winnie Lacesso (on behalf of CMS) Slides
09:55   Edinburgh Wahid Bhimji Slides
10:10 COFFEE
10:30   Oxford Pete Gronbech Slides
10:45   RAL PP Chris Brew Slides
11:00   Sheffield Elena Korolkova Slides
11:15   Bristol Winnie Lacesso Slides
11:30   Glasgow Sam Skipsey on behalf of Mike Kenyon Slides
11:45   Report on other sites: UCL, RHUL, Cambridge Wahid Bhimji/Duncan Rand  Slides  (ppt)  (pdf)
12:00 LUNCH  
13:00   Liverpool Stephen Jones/Rob Fay Slides
13:15   QMUL Chris Walker Slides
13:30   Lancaster Peter Love/Matt Doidge Slides
13:45   Grid Ireland Geoff Quigley Slides
14:00   Birmingham Chris Curtis Slides
14:15   Durham Phil Roffe Slides
14:30 Discussion, bottlenecks ALL Slides
15:00 TEA
15:20 Monitoring part 1 - Oxford Kashif Mohammad Slides
15:30 Monitoring part 2 - ganglia, monami, cacti ALL Slides
Hardware Korner
16:00   IPMI Ian Collier (Tier 1) Slides
16:20   SAN/Panassas Kevin Haines (NGS) Slides
16:40   Verifies on data arrays in T1 James Thorne (Tier 1) Slides
Configuration and deployment
17:00   cfengine Matt Doidge Slides
17:20   puppet Chris Kruk Slides
17:40   quattor Geoff Quigley Slides
Friday 3rd July
09:00 SRM clients, testing Jens Jensen Slides
09:15 xroot deployment for DPM Greig Cowan Slides
09:35 StoRM experiences, discussion Chris Walker/Winnie Lacesso Slides
09:55 Lustre Chris Walker Slides
10:15 Hadoop and BeStMan discussion Brian Davies Slides
10:45 COFFEE
11:05 Lustre/Hadoop/Filesystems discussion (EXT4, NFS4, ZFS, ...) All Slides
11:35 Procurement experiences - discussion Matt Doidge, Duncan Tooke (SCT) Slides
11:55 Milestones, planning, software roadmap Jens Jensen Slides
12:15 LUNCH
13:15 User level accounting for DPM Sam Skipsey Slides
13:35 User level accounting for dCache Sam Skipsey Slides
13:55 DPM toolkit howto (incl space token deployment, ACLs) Sam Skipsey/Greig Cowan Slides
14:25 Storage information schema Jens Jensen Slides
15:00 FINISH