UK HEP System Managers Meeting Number 3, 19th November 1999. UCL.

Draft Minutes
(last modified 26-January-2000)
Chris Brew


Chair - Bob Cranfield(UCL). Secretary - Chris Brew(RAL).

D Kelsey(RAL),B. Saunders(RAL), J Gordon(RAL), A Sansum(RAL), D.Salmon(RAL), A Flavell(Glasgow), J Hill(Cambridge), A. McNab(Manchester),D. Sankey(RAL), D Martin(Glasgow), R Henderson(Lancaster), P Gronbech(Oxford), L. Thompson(Sheffield), A. Forti(Manchester), P. Kershaw(RHBNC).



Organisational Matters.

RC gave a short presentation then lead a discussion on the purpose of the SYSMAN meetings. Questions raised included:

A discussion was also held on possible topics for discussion at future meetings. Among those suggested were:

Site Reports.

Site reports were received from:


Next Meeting.

Two day meeting at RAL, 21st and 2nd March 2000.