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Last Archive Date:
Index DOT Html: Nov. 10, 1999
Index DOT Css: Nov. 10, 1999

Welcome to Index DOT Html and Index DOT Css - technical references about the HTML and CSS languages.

I have spent the last couple months cleaning up and polishing the content of the newly released Index DOT Css site, and I have been adding many new notes and facts as I hear about and investigate them.
What's New
Index DOT Html
   - Many cosmetic changes.
   - Synchronized support data for common HTML attributes
   - Added info on many small issues that have been waiting to be added for several months.
   - Added the xHTML 1.0 history page
   - Created the Conditional Block pages
   - Created a page detailing various uses of the META element
   - Created a color picker swatch page for the X11 color names
   - The root directory changed from [html] to [indexdot]. Both sites are now sub-directories from this.
   - HTML/CSS support information added for IE5.0 and Opera 3.5.
Index DOT Css
   - Many cosmetic changes.
   - Browser bug information
   - All content has been reviewed, spell-checked and HTML validated.
   - The entire site. =) Support information has all been verified.
Changes and Plans Still To Come
Some Last Words
I have waited quite a while to update the downloadable version. I have almost all the logistics figured out, I just ask that you be patient. It should be available soon after I make a couple more changes. Take a look at the list of changes for details on what has been done since the last update.

I have tested the site at many different pixel resolutions and platforms, on many different browsers and versions. I also try to spell-check and validate all links before publishing (see the Index DOT Html and Index DOT Css caveats pages for more details.)

- Brian,
  November 10, 1999