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How it Works
Throughout the site you will find notation like this:
           Support Key: CSS1 | CSS2 | IE4 | N4B2 | O3.5
This legend indicates the history of feature support in the reviewed standards and browsers. The codes and notations are described below.
Specification and Browser Abbreviations
In addition to the abbreviations listed below, there will usually be an additional number directly after the browser code notation that indicates the specific version number when support for the feature began (eg: N4B2 = Netscape 4.0, Beta 2.) If no version number is present, the browser does not support the feature.
2     HTML 2.0
3HTML 3.0
3.2HTML 3.2
4HTML 4.0
IEMicrosoft Internet Explorer
NNetscape Navigator
OOpera (Opera Software)
Formatting Schemes
Differentiation of feature support consists of three levels: first support, support (support exists, but the browser/standard was not the first to support it), and no support at all. If a particular feature is not supported in a browser or standard, the notations will not list the browser/standard. I have tried to make the difference between the support levels clear and obvious - even to users of older browsers, but some explanation is necessary. Simple font styles are used to differentiate between first support (italic, bold) and support (bold), while additional colors are attached for these settings via style sheets for browsers that support this feature. Color coded differentiation is much more visually obvious to a reader than plain font styles, but the colors should not be necessary in order to read this information properly. The colors I mention below are the default style sheet colors I have chosen for the site. If you are using a downloaded version of the site, these colors are customizable.

NOTE: For any given feature a browser and single standard can claim first support.

First Support: Style: Red, Italics
The feature was first specified or implemented by this standard or browser
Support: Style: Yellow, Bold
The feature is supported by this standard or browser, but was not the first among those reviewed to do so.
No Support: Style: Plain. CSS: Gray
The feature is not supported by this standard or browser

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