1. Browser switch
  2. Some inlined images.
  3. Links to Red, green, and blue shaded GIF images.
  4. Inlined Red, green, and blue shaded GIF images.
  5. Links to GIF, JPEG, and TIFF images.
  6. Links to MPEG and FLI (or FLI pretending to be MOV) video clips.
  7. Link to a TIFF multipage document.
  8. Link to a Postscript drawing and document.
  9. Link to compressed Postscript drawing and document.
  10. Links to Sun AU, SoundBlaster VOC, Windows RIFF WAV, and DDIF audio clips.
  11. Link to a short Adobe PDF (Acrobat) file; and here's longer (and nicer) one.
  12. Embedded PDF file.
  13. Embedded Netscape plugin test file (private trial plugin).
  14. Touch-screen test Java applet.
  15. Mock up of WIRED for RAL Kiosks.
  16. WIRED - the real thing.
  17. Test frames (nasty things that they are).
  18. Test GUNZIP Script

  1. Some text underlined (<U>underlined</U>).
  2. Some text struck out (<STRIKE>struck out</STRIKE>).
  3. Some text `single quoted' (`single quoted'), ``double quoted'' (``double quoted''), "quoted" ("quoted"), and "quoted explicitly" (&quot;quoted explicitly&quot;) or "quoted explicitly" (&#34;quoted explicitly&#34;).
  4. copyright sign, © (&copy;); and registered sign, ® (&reg;).
  5. copyright sign, © (&#169;); and registered sign, ® (&#174;).
  6. A superscript (<SUP>Superscript</SUP>) and a subscript (<SUB>subscript</SUB>).
  7. A long line with lots of non-breakable spaces (&nbsp;) on it. Let's see whether the line is broken anywhere. Go on, you devil break me here.
  8. A long line with lots of non-breakable spaces (&nbsp;) on it. Let's see whether the line is broken anywhere. Go on, you devil break me here.
  9. Test font sizes

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