Text Box: The CryoEDM project was constructed to measure the neutron EDM to a substantially higher precision than achieved by the room temperature experiment. To achieve this several parameters that determine the measurements sensitivity have been improved, the main characteristic is that it is operating entirely at in a cryogenic environment. The effort on the project is currently under review.
Text Box: CryoEDM produced its own polarised UCN by downscattering polarised cold neutrons in superfluid 4He at a temperature of 500 mK. This method of UCN production can provide UCN densities two orders of magnitude higher than that in the previous Room Temperature experiment.
The UCN stay within the superfluid 4He and are stored in a Be/Ti cell in a weak magnetic field superimposed by a high electric field. The Larmor precession frequency of the neutron is measured using Ramsey Resonance techniques.
As well as the superthermal UCN source new technologies in this experiment include SQUID magnetometry, low temperature solid state neutron detectors, and superconducting lead magnetic shielding.

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A cryogenic experiment to search for the EDM of the neutron

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