Text Box: The Room Temperature nEDM experiment has set a limit of 3×10-26 e cm. This limit is the tightest limit on the nEDM ever set by an experiment. This limit plays an important role in the leading theories that go beyond the Standard Model of Particle Physics.
Text Box: The experiment has been using the UCN source PF2 at ILL, a unique source at which a variety of UCN experiments can be served.
One of the outstanding technologies that was developed for the experiment is a mercury cohabiting magnetometer. Polarised mercury is placed in the same volume as the UCN and their precession frequency is used to monitor the magnetic field stability.
The limit that we placed on the nEDM required us to measure changes in the neutron Larmor precession frequency to a precision of below 1 mHz. This corresponds to one single turn per month!

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the Room Temperature EDM experiment

the world’s most sensitive nEDM measurement to date