SCT Material Budget


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Mass Determinations and Measurements

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Other Information

Cooling Info


NIM: A515 (2003) 422 - paper on SCT activation by Ian Dawson.

Calculating X0

Old Information

From the End-cap Discs & Support Structure FDR - Nov 2001

  • Material Estimates for CF Discs Finished.
  • Material Estimates for Structures and Services - Jason Tarrant (22/8/03) (Excel)
    Material estimates for Support Structure, Thermal Enclosures, Services and Patch Panels.
    Needs to be updated.
    Comparison showing differences between old estimates and measured masses.
  • Material Estimates for Disc Services - Steve Temple (Excel)
    Material estimates for Disc Services: Cooling, LM Tapes, Opto, etc. Associated mail.
    Needs to be updated.
  • Radiation-length Material Budget - Tim Jones (31/10/01) (Word)
    Needs to be updated.
    Last updated:                    18 Mar 08
    Stephen Haywood