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Welcome to Tim's spod page

If you are reading this from the World-Wide Web, then you are probably a spod too.

[event details] This is a picture from the DELPHI event display. It shows a representation of the detector and the results of an electron-positron collision at 161 GeV - sufficient energy to create a W+ and W-. Each W decays into a quark and antiquark each of which produces a jet of particles. The four jets are seen by the detector, shown in red, green, blue, and black.

LEP first achieved 161 GeV beams on the morning of 9th July 1996 (I was there!). DELPHI was lucky enough to be the first of the four the LEP experiments to see such an event, making this the first-ever W+W- pair produced in the uniquely clean conditions of an e+e- collider. Of course luck comes to those prepared, and it was no doubt due to the excellent state of the DELPHI Slow Controls (OK, the whole online system) that we detected the event and identified it so quickly.

Particle Physics (introductory)

And here's some stuff that I've had a hand in.

OK, that's the interesting stuff out of the way. Now on to some...

Useful stuff (maybe)

and some...

Fun stuff (for me anyway)

I maintain some Science Fiction material from the OU SF Group, including Sfinx (fiction), The Bloomsbury Guide to Science Fiction and Fantasy (title-page only so far), and The OUSFG e-mail list.

Some nice organisations (that deserve all your money)

A few friendly people on the Web

In no particular order...

Abbey Antiquarian Books (my cyberMum, Dad, and Uncle), Matt, Damian, Chris Ewels, Mel and Graham, John Bray, Simon McLeish, Mark Grant, Mo, Rashid, Bill Murray, and Ulirk.

Please don't be offended if you aren't here. It's either because I don't know about your web page, or because it is already referenced from The OUSFG e-mail list.

Copied Stuff

I have made local copies of some material that I have found useful but slow to access from its original site. This material could be out of date, so it's best to check with the original site. Depending on your location, you may also find that quicker.

Copyright notes.


This web page has evolved over the last three years. If you are interested in such things, you can read about what I've been up to (who knows, perhaps you will find that I'm your long-lost mother).

No home page would be complete without...

some multimedia. So, in a vain attempt to make these pages hip and trendy, here are some nice pictures of Jean-Luc as Locutus of Borg (149k GIF), the front cover of the masters' greatest work (45k JPEG), Sigourney (35k JPEG), and the only way to talk to your computer (11k GIF); a film clip from happier days (103k MPEG); and a sound clip in dubious taste (76k Sun AU, SoundBlaster VOC, or Windows RIFF WAV).

OK, so my infobahn-cred has just gone down the toilet. Sigh...

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